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Motorsport UK RS Interclub – Stage Rally Licence

Welcome to the beginning of your rally adventure!

Bill Gwynne Rallyschool International is a founder member of the British Association of Rally Schools (BARS).

To take part in a special stage rally as a driver you have to obtain a Motorsport UK RS Interclub - Stage Rally Licence (you will also need a full DVLA licence).

There are five steps to complete to take your place on the start line of Special Stage One.

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Five steps to getting your licence...

Step One: Order your Motorsport UK Rallying Starter Pack from the Motorsport UK shop. If you prefer to order by phone, then please call 01753 765000.
Step Two: Once you receive your Licence Pack, it's time to book a Stage Rally Licence Assessment by clicking on the Book Now button (above or below).
Step Three: Using the Study Guide (see link in your booking confirmation) study the relevant areas in the Rally Section of the Motorsport UK Yearbook.
Step Four:

Complete the two part Licence Assessment.

Part One - A written multiple choice Theory Paper

Based on the Motorsport UK Yearbook Rallying Sections and video (for example signage, safety and regulations). These questions are based on information you will need before you can compete safely in a rally. As a rough guide, duration is approximately 30 minutes.

Part Two - A driving assessment.

An assessment of applicants’ driving in one of our rally cars on our Rally Special Stage. We will assess the driver’s ability to follow a marked route confidently and competently at reasonable speed. It is not an assessment of technique or speed.

What do you need to bring? Your Motorsport UK Licence Pack and Licence Application Form.

Step Five: On successful completion of the assessments, return the stamped and signed Licence Application Form to Motorsport UK (Motorsport UK, Bicester Motion, OX27 8FY) and your Motorsport UK RS Interclub.
Your Stage Rally Licence will be forwarded to you in due course.

Pricing Options

Details Cost BARS Discount PRICE
Motorsport UK Rally Licence Assessment £195 N/A
Motorsport UK Rally Licence Assessment + National One Day Subaru Impreza £620 £100 £520
Motorsport UK Rally Licence Assessment + National One Day MKII Ford Escort £520 £100 £420
Motorsport UK Rally Licence Assessment + National One Day Nissan Micra £494 £100 £394
Motorsport UK Rally Licence Assessment + ProRally Driver 1:1 Course (Call 01280 705570 for pricing) £Call N/A £Call