Drive like a Pro

One Day

You’ll be amazed at what you can do!

This is a maximum dose adrenaline shot for drivers who want to challenge themselves driving up to three different rally cars on our twisting turning Rally Special Stage!

We ask drivers to ignore the norms of everyday driving and enjoy the real fun of learning how to drive a rally car by making it power slide and do great handbrake turns! We don’t have rev limits or speed limits so their Motorsport UK Instructor can encourage then to drive fast enough to learn the techniques and then faster as their confidence grows.

If you’re driver is going to start competitive rallying you can combine their Motorsport UK Stage Rally Licence Assessment with any of our National One Day Experiences and get a discount of £100.00 off the price of your experience.

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Your choice of cars

'Awesome' Subaru Impreza

'Awesome' Subaru Impreza

Colin McRae won a World Rally Championship in one... countless rally drivers around the world have won championships and rallies in them

The ‘Awesome’ Subaru Impreza isn’t for the feint hearted... it’s for the adventurous adrenaline seeker looking for a great driving challenge!

Some of the unique rally driving techniques required to drive it on a loose surface Rally Special Stage are counter intuitive at first... but hugely rewarding as you become familiar with them!

Drivers leave with a huge sense of achievement and a real appreciation of WRC drivers’ talent.

  • Turbo charged
  • 280bhp
  • Four wheel drive
  • Intense
  • Focussed
  • Exhilarating
Total Rally

Total Rally

Driving three different types of rally car on one day... get a brilliant snap shot of the journey rally drivers take on their way to the World Rally Championship. Begin with learning how to power slide the rear wheel drive ‘Classic’ MKII Ford Escort... then control the super lively front wheel drive ‘Magical’ Nissan Micra and... finish by harnessing the brute power of the four wheel drive ‘Awesome’ Subaru Impreza.

You’ll experience the range of techniques all World Rally Championship drivers have built their skill level around... and you'll feel like a factory driver by the time you finish!

  • Three great cars
  • Three great challenges
  • 500bhp to harness
  • Do it in gravel size chunks!
Rally Legends

Rally Legends

There have been fewer more iconic rally cars than the ‘Classic’ MKII Ford Escort... and the absolutely ‘Awesome’ Subaru Impreza! The Rally Legends Experience gives serious driving enthusiasts one of the most exhilarating rally driving days available... presenting them with two very different and rewarding rally driving challenges on a twisting, turning Rally Special Stage.

With great drivers like Roger Clark and Ari Vatanen the ‘Classic’ MKII Ford Escort dominated rallying in the 1970’s... it’s nimble rear wheel drive handling making it the perfect car to slide sideways on the challenging forest roads of Great Britain... and around the world. In 1995 our greatest ever rally driver, Colin McRae, won the World Rally Championship in a four wheel drive, turbo charged Prodrive Subaru Impreza... with his heroic, seat of the pants driving style winning rally fans everywhere.

  • ‘Classic’ MKII Ford Escort
  • Control with throttle and steering
  • ‘Awesome’ Subaru Impreza
  • Total concentration
  • Power, power, power
'Classic' MKII Ford Escort

'Classic' MKII Ford Escort

This is the original rear wheel drive sideways rally car, made famous in the 1970’s and 1980’s by our original national rally hero Roger Clark and world rally star Ari Vatanen. You’ll learn the special rally driving techniques used to complete great power slides and perfect handbrake turns. It’s one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling driving experiences known to man and is something every driving enthusiast should allow themselves to experience at least once in their lifetime!

  • Turn
  • Ease
  • Power, power
  • Smile
  • Smile, smile, smile
'Magical' Nissan Micra

'Magical' Nissan Micra

This is the front wheel drive equivalent of the ‘Classic’ MKII Ford Escort, not made famous by a world leading rally driver but designed by a team that had fun on its mind! You’ll learn the special rally driving techniques used to control slides and perfect handbrake turns. There’s plenty of opportunity to practice and you will be amazed how much fun you will have in this most surprising little rally package

  • Power
  • Turn
  • Off power
  • Power
  • Smile, smile, smile

What to expect on the day

Time Details
9.00 Drivers arrive at Rallyschool Meeting Point - Sign on, refreshments, helmet fitting
9.15 Briefing by your MSA Licensed Instructor
9.45 Demonstration laps
10.15 Rally Driving Sessions 1, 2 & 3 Power slide around hundreds of corners with dozens of chances to practice your handbrake turns
12.30 Lunch
13.15 Rally Driving Sessions 4, 5 & 6 Power sliding corners and even more chances to perfect your handbrake turns!
13.30 Rally Driving Sessions 4, 5 & 6 Power sliding corners and even more chances to perfect your handbrake turns!
16.00 Debrief, Presentation of Certificate and 10 point Driver Assessment
16.30 Drivers Depart

On the day

The power, steering, brakes, gearbox and suspension are all different to those of your road car. Your Motorsport UK Licensed Rally Driving Instructor will work with you to adapt to the differences and utilise them to help you produce great power slides, powerful braking and the ideal rally line through hundreds of corners on your one day rally driving experience!

And then there’s the elusive handbrake turn – co-ordinating six things in little more than a second is a tough task! There are plenty of chances to practice though and you’ll be a master by the time you finish your final driving session – and you’ll feel like a World Rally Champion!

Your Motorsport UK Licensed Rally Driving Instructor will really encourage you to explore your own limits, pushing you to go faster, turn in earlier and use power when you want to use the brakes! We guarantee you’ll sweat a little, you’ll shake a bit and you’ll smile like the cat that got the cream!


Please allow up to 8hrs at the venue


Safety helmet & helmet liner with Instructor to Driver communication are provided


Spectators are welcome to attend and must be booked in advance with the venue. There is a charge of £10 per guest that includes lunch & refreshments. Our rally stage can be viewed from the rally service area, great for taking videos and still photography.


We’ve never cancelled a rally school due to adverse weather. However, as we operate on an aerodrome we do recommend drivers come prepared with warm clothing to keep the chill of whilst they’re not driving.


A Declaration of Indemnity must be signed by drivers & spectators. A parent or guardians signature is required for participants under the age of 18 years old.