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Peter Robinson


About Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson is a life-long motor sport enthusiast who, from his early ‘teens, was a regular visitor to the Goodwood motor racing circuit and then Silverstone and Brands Hatch. Involvement in the local Bognor and the Chichester Motor Clubs led to an increasing interest in the sport of rallying, firstly as a navigator and then as a driver. He took part as a navigator in his first Motorsport News event in 1970 alongside John Barnes, another local enthusiast who had been very successful in many hill-climbs and rallies over the years. Peter changed to the driving seat a few years later with an Escort GT and then, many years later in historic stage rallies with a Renault Alpine and finally a Lotus Cortina. He had some good levels of success in both the UK and Belgium with these cars which, being 1965 and 1966 examples were highly representative of the cars outlined within these pages. When not competing he was an active photographer and some of his pictures can be seen in Memory Lanes and also on his web site.


Peter and Tony Pettie two wheeling their Lotus Cortina to a class win and a twelth overall finish on the 1995 Ypres Historic rally.
Peter, on the 1992 Longleat Historic Rally in his very original Renault Alpine, this time accompanied by Mick Briggs. The Alpine was also used on both the 19th and 20th Targa Rusticanas, John Brown’s historic re-run of the original, highly regarded Motoring News event.

Navigators to co-drivers

It has been said that a good driver with an excellent navigator could win a road rally but it would be unlikely that an excellent driver with an average navigator could do so. Unquestionably the Motorsport News (MN) Championship was the top ...

What if?

What would the result be if a standard Group 1 Ford Escort Mexico was put up against a 150bhp RS1800 road rallying Escort on the classic rally roads in the south west of England? RS Escorts had started appearing in the second half of t...

The Datsun 240Z

Datsun’s 240Z was probably Japan’s first credible sports car. Manufactured between 1970 and 1973 it was aimed very specifically at the US market place and, such was its success there, sales of British sports cars such as the MGB, previously ...

Withers of Winsford

Few people involved in rallying in the late sixties and early seventies will not have heard of J. C. Withers (Winsford) Ltd.. John C. Withers, better known as Cal Withers, sadly passed away in 2020. He had started his involvement in ral...

Written by Peter Robinson

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