Stunt Accreditation Passport – Stunt Driver Training Course 

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Bill Gwynne Rallyschool International provides the Stunt Driving Training Course to Stunt Register applicants that have selected Driving as one of their six disciplines. 

In a range of vehicles the Stunt Driving Course trains drivers to achieve the required standard over a seven stage process. 

The Stunt Accreditation Passport 

The Stunt Accreditation Passport (SAP) will map the driver’s individual development and in submission to the British Stunt Register provide proof they have achieved the required standard. 

The Rally Driving Process 

Stage One Understanding & enrolment on to the Stunt Accreditation Passport (SAP). 

Provision of the MSA GoRallying Pack & licence application form 

Step Two Home preparation / study (supported) for the BARS Assessment 

Step Three Taking of the MSA (Motor Sports Association) BARS (British Association of Rally Schools) National Stage B Rally Licence Assessment – driving and written tests 

Introduction into car handling techniques. 

Step Four Advanced rally techniques coaching. This is classed as an Advanced BARS Assessment and can be used as a licence upgrade signature 

Step Five Completion of three National B stage rallies co-driven and coached by a MSA BARS Licenced rally driving instructor 

The Precision Driving Process 

Step 6 Precision driving competencies coaching to cover each drive line 

Step 7 Competencies Assessments to cover each drive line 

Course Program 

The five day course program (attached separately) sets out the Rally Driving Activities and Precision Driving Competencies required for coaching and assessment. 

The course begins with the Rally Driving Activities, followed by the Precision Driving Competencies. 

The competitive rallies will be scheduled after completion of the Rally Driving Activities. 


All coaching is on a one to one format 

Required Standard Rally Driving 

Drivers will be required to successfully complete all Rally Driving Activities 

Required Standard Precision Driving 

Drivers will be required to demonstrate a high degree of accuracy and consistency in all competencies 

Course Time Period 

Enrolment on to the program can be at any time of the year and then scheduled into a 12 month rolling program. 

Failure to meet the required standard 

Candidates that fail to meet the required standards can continue with the program until successful completion of the competencies assessment. 

Where a candidate fails to meet the final competencies assessment, additional support and coaching will be required prior to re-take. 

The Stunt Accreditation Passport (SAP) 

The Stunt Accreditation Passport (SAP) will provide the progress mapping of an individual’s development whilst at the training venue. The passport details the required elements of Rally Driving and Precision Driving with the driver’s level of achievement. 

Each assessment page will be stamped for validation at the time of successful completion by Bill Gwynne Rallyschool International. 

The completed Stunt Accreditation Passport will provide evidence and proof of achievement for driver’s submission to the register. 

Rally Driving Activities Day Price
Introducing pack & Stunt Accreditation Passport (SAP)

Duration – 2hrs

One £125.00
GoRallying Pack – MSA Rally Licence Application One £95.00
Vehicle Technology – understanding the operation of the vehicle control systems Duration – 2hrs One £175.00
MSA BARS National Stage B Rally Licence Assessment & initial coaching

Duration – 7hrs

One £650.00
Sub Total £1045.00
MSA BARS Advanced Coaching Session

Duration – 6 hours

Two £550
Three MSA National “B” Rally Stage Rallies Inclusive of: MSA BARS Rally Instructor; entry fee; car hire; fuel; service vehicle; service crew; tyres. Full details will be included with course confirmation.

Our Rally Service is provide by David & Rob Ginn, Blue Bear Motorsport.

Dates to be scheduled after successful completion of the Rally Driving Activities

Day One & Two

Precision Driving Competencies
3 Competencies coaching sessions

Duration – up to 3hrs per drive line x 3

Day Three & Four £1650.00
3 Competencies Assessments

Duration – 2hrs per drive line x 3

Day Five £1050.00
Total Course Fee £8195.00
Optional Areas

Night Driving

Duration – 2hours £350
Refresher / specialist training Duration – 2hrs from £350
In-Car Camera


  1. The course fee can be paid in full when a booking is confirmed and a schedule agreed.
  2. The course fee can be paid in stages when confirming dates for individual elements.

Payment can be made by BACS transfer or credit / debit card

Alternatively please call 01280 705570 or email info@billgwynne.com to buy a Gift Voucher or to book a date

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